Contributions at work

   There is a disease called Solar Keratosis that is attacking light skinned people in Botswana. Many people have troubles when they need medications for there skin disease especially the people living in small villages because they only have a little medication. Many people dont have money or a way of transportation to pick up there medicine. When you have this disease it is good if you don’t go out in the sun. Many people are suffering.


Helping the Less Fortunate

          In an article i read about how the department of Social Community helped needy orphans of Nata Village. Sixty children were served breakfast and lunch. Then they took them to a shopping district and they each got $100.00 to buy clothing for they’re new school year. The Nata children were very thankful.

nata village

Approximately 600+ students at Sua Community Junior Secondary School received a very informative and educational health talk on HIV/AIDS, STI’S, Teen age pregnancy, Alcohol Abuse, and Domestic violence. Peter Martinez, Peace Corps Volunteer from California was more than serious when addressing the young students on this critical and important issues.

nata village

Finally has internet for the travelers, campers and visitors who want to see the new updates.It has three locations where you can get a internet server. You can send emails make copies and fax through out the whole world. It has four computers and a fax machine that anyone can use. This will keep the people updated on what’s happening in our world today and get to see the updates.Post office internetthis is a picture of how the room with the internet looks like and the people who are on the computer.

Donations at Work

Nata Village and another school named Sua Secondary School painted murals telling their community to stay healthy and know your status. They want everyone to know that staying healthy is the best way to go and after all there hard work they hope everyone gets the message. They want them to watch what they eat and do whatever they need to stay on top. Ribbinthis is one of the paintings they made;

Nata Village

Say good bye to K Ramakama

For fifteen years Mrs. Ramakama has worked in the medical field. all her life she has transfered from Kgalagadi District then moved to Sebina Clinic and now she resides in Nata Clinic Tutume Sub District. Her skills have brought them cures for many diseases and warnings before a bacterial virus would spread she would always have an answer. She loves helping people and will not stop working till she finds a cure. She would always check and make sure everyone was healthy and is eating the right nutrients and food. She is a very caring person but the government is now moving her to a new location where she will start a new adventure in helping people with there medical needs;


-This is Mrs Ramakama-Ramakama says goodbye


Variable: inconsistent 

Rancor: bitter hatred

Perjury: the crime of telling a lie while under an oath

Intercession: speaking on someone else’s behalf

Chide: lecture or verbally express disapproval

1.) In their relationship they were very variable towards each other.

2.) They have a rancor feeling towards each other.

3.) She committed a perjury after she lied when swearing she wouldent.

4.) He made an intercession on behalf of the class.

5.) She gave them a chide after there bad behavior.

Hummer H3

A hummer  is a nice car that many people are familiar with. They also know that it needs alot of gas, which is bad for our earth and the environment. They had modified and redesigned the hummer so it gets 100MPG. which is better for our world, and it causes less pollution. After this car has been modified many people are starting to buy it. Now the gas is cheaper and its better for our world.

The 100MPG Hummer H3 makes me question everything I thought I knew
^^ This is a picture of the Hummer it looks the same but they modified it.

Vocabulary Words;

Convention: An assembly, conference or meeting;

1.) They had a convention regarding the new policies the school must follow.

Framework: Somethings basic structure.

2.) The framework for the building was plain and simple.

Flourish: To thrive, grow in

3.) They flourished themselves by providing them with their basic needs.

Delegates: Representatives sent to a conference

4.) There were many delegates who flew from different countries.

Veto: to decline or prohibit. 

5.) The president vetoed the bill that the congress passed.

D-Roll Laptop






This laptop is known as a digital roll. Many people say its the next generation of laptops. Ladies can wear it as a purse and they can roll it out as a laptop to use anywhere. People love the design of this laptop you can get internet access anywhere and you can also plug in USB cords. There is also a detachable webcam that you can wear on your wrist which helps when carrying your laptop. 


Glow in the dark shoes 3/2

Theese New Shoes Glow<3;bamboo-rake-new-2.jpg

New shoes that just came out by new balance they are called bamboo rake and they glow in the dark. Many people who have theese shoes get compliments because in the night they glow and they are really noticable if you want to stand out. Theese shoes are durable and easy to put on and take off. The shoes sell at any store.

Vocabulary Words

Profane: Vulgar, Obscene

Lissette enjoys using profane language.

Pernicious: Having a harmful effect

The 911 attack had a pernicious affect on many families.

Augment: to make greater in size

Some people get plastic surgery to make some parts of the body augment.

Languish: to yearn for something/someone

She languished and had a strong craving for ice cream.

Obscure: Not clear in meaning 

The home work she gave us was obscure because she didn’t explain it enough.

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